Dates for your diaries are listed below….please look out for any changes and more information in our regular newsletters home.

MOST RECENT NEWSLETTER – CLICK HERE! : Newsletter 6 (2018 -19)


 TERM 6:

Back to Playgroup Monday 3 June

Monday 10 June – Committee Meeting

17 June -  21 June – Stay and Play Week (with Parent Reading session)

Friday 21 June – Grandparent’s Session (pm)

Friday 28 June – Sprts Day (plan A)

Friday 5 July – Sprts Day (Plan B)

Friday 5 July – Open Afternoon for new parents

Tuesday 9 July – Parent Mussic Session

Wednesday 17 July – Parent Drop In Session

Friday 19 July – Leavers Show!

Tuesday 23 July – Summer Party (Afternoon)

Wednesday 24 July – Summer Party (Morning)

Playgroup breaks up for the summer holiday at lunchtime on Wednesday 2th July

For details of our term 6 learning please click here: Term 6 Learning – 2019



Back to playgroup Wednesday 4th September

Home visits for new children 5th – 13th September

Committee AGM – Monday 30th September

Children’s photographs – Monday 7th October

Zuche fundraising shopping evening – Friday 18th October

Parent Drop In Session – Monday 21st October

Playgroup breaks up Friday 25th October



Back to playgroup Tuesday 5th November

Music Session – Wednesday 20th November

Stay and play week – 25th – 29th November

Dad’s Breakfast – Friday 29th November

Nativity Show – Friday 6th December

Theatre Trip – Friday 13th December

Parent Drop In Session – Tuesday 17th December

Party! – Friday 20th December

Playgroup breaks up Friday 20th December



Back to Playgroup Monday 6th January 2020

Stay and Play week – 27th – 31st January

Parent Drop In Session – Wednesday 12th February

Playgroup breaks up Friday 14th February



Back to Playgroup Monday 24th February

Stay and Play week – 2nd – 6th March

Dad’s Breakfast Session – Friday 20th March

Music Session – Tuesday 24th March

Parents Drop In Session – Thursday 2nd April

Playgroup breaks up Friday 3rd April



Back to playgroup Tuesday 21st April

Stay and Play Week – 27th April – 1st May

Bank Holiday – Playgroup Closed Monday 4th May

Polling Station – Playgroup Closed Friday 7th May

Parent Drop In Session – Monday 18th May

Playgroup breaks up Friday 22nd May



Back to Playgroup – Monday 1st June

Grand Parent Session – Friday 19th June

Stay and Play Week – 22nd – 26th June

Sports Day – Friday 26th June

Music Session – Tuesday 30th June

Sports Day (if needed) – Friday 3rd July

Leavers Show – Friday 10th July

Open Afternoon (for new children) – Friday 1oth July (pm)

Parent Drop In session – Tuesday 14th July

Parties – Thursday 6th July (pm) and Friday 17th July (am)

Playgroup breaks up for the summer holidays at lunchtime on Friday 17th July